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Copper Bracelets & Green Wrists

Most customers like to wear copper and do not care about having an occasional green stain under their bracelets. Other people are very health conscious and, as proof that the copper is working, they expect to see a green mark where copper touches the skin, the same marks that make others feel self-conscious. Ironically, the green copper stains seem to prefer the people who worry the most about getting them. The same bracelet which remains shiny for one person, will turn another person's wrist green, or may acquire multicolored patinas on another. Could these changes be related to a person's metabolism?

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Jewelry Care : Heirloom Jewelry

We're not kidding when we say your John Paul jewelry is crafted to last a lifetime - and beyond. 

However, there are a few things that you can do to take care of your treasured pieces, and show 'em some love. John Paul's designs incorporate a wide range of various metals and gems, and are built for active people who like to spend their time doing things they love, which doesn't usually include cleaning jewelry. Stop by and see us once or twice a year so that we can check gemstones and give your pieces a great professional clean. In between visits, here are a handful of easy care tips to keep in mind...

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