John Paul Designs | Item #201

These rings represent what is possible when two people realize relationships are about compromise and understanding. Not sure what compelled me to say that but I view this uber understanding couple as my personal role models in relationships. That being said, this hefty set represents the four directions in life. (to me at least) Each side of this weighty platinum, ruby and pure 24k gold represents a particular facet or genre in life, that each person holds dear to themselves. Some sides a bit symbolic, while others quite realistic to even the casual glancer. This dame was clear about her wants and needs in this ring, being big, chunky and wide: something with some substance to it. I think the first time she rolled in her sea kayak with this gem, she had trouble uprighting herself. But if she ever needed assistance, she chose a great mate for a helping hand. Which is where predictibly so, you will find his. Who would have thought they would utter the magic artist words, "Do your thing, we want this to be a part of you as well, have fun". PS. I have been instilling my harmonica lesson about color since then and wouldn't you know, it's starting to make sense.