John Paul Designs | Item #906

14 Karat Rose and White Gold, Palladium, Diamonds, Turquoise, Engravings.
Every year I make rings for many people. It is only natural I suppose that I have favorites. (though I love every darn one of em!) This set represents two of them. Well I suppose it starts from the fact that they knew what they wanted, how they wanted it, but left the artistry and execution up to me. As any artist knows, you mainly do your best work when you have the most amount of leeway. Well I am usually designing within a framework of ideas and such, but I still manage to weave my own touch into the work. The story ends with the surprise pickup from the misses only for her to have a well schemed romantic plan to pop the question and present the rings to him, on the spot they discovered to get married. I like originality.....