Q: Can you create a custom piece for me?
A: Collaborating with a client on one-of-a-kind custom designs has been the foundation of John Paul’s work for over 20 years. You can find more information about commissioning your own custom piece here and an online gallery of custom work from over the years here.

Q: I have my own gems and jewelry that I no longer wear - can you use them?
A: Most definitely! Whether we melt down the metal to use it directly in the creation of a new piece or put it towards trade, we love to find creative ways to incorporate old materials into a new design or build a fresh setting for Grandma's diamond from the family vault. 

Q: Do you sell gift certificates?
A: Yes, gift certificates are available for purchase. Please reach out to us at 541-318-5645 Monday - Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm (PST) for assistance or by email: sales [at] johnpauldesigns.com

Q: Help! I lost an earring! Can you make another one for me?
No worries, we can help. Since our pieces are hand made, we will do our best to make another match for your remaining earring. Please contact sales [at] johnpauldesigns.com to find out if we are able to make a mate for your earring, and what the pricing would be for a make-a-mate repair.

Q: What's the difference between Platinum and Palladium?
A: Platinum and Palladium are both extremely rare metals that belong to the same family of metals and are found together in the earth. They are much more rare than gold. Both have nearly the same cool, white gray color - identical to the untrained eye - and maintain their original color with no tarnishing over time. Platinum and palladium wedding bands will scratch, though palladium is about 10% more scratch resistant. The main difference is found in their density. Platinum weighs about twice as much as palladium does, which affects the feel & weight of the finished piece when being worn.